Like black trousers, boots and this fur, like a big stone ring

big stone ring

Absolute zero degree EMOTION] It has a majestic stick, and it can be seen with the headset and glasses off. Performing a dance using a cane. The choreography of folding the knee and kissing the ring was wonderful, such as “~~Maje~Stick Sowl♪”. It was cute that the voice was a little blurry when the first A melody was stretched! Hey, throw away the garbage ring right now. Then I buy a 100k ring.
You can buy a Micah ring if you break it regularly, but Rie-chan ohhhh? Have you lost your ring? …I’ve been removing it for a few years now, but I’m not divorced ~ Well, I’m on good terms, it’s alright ヾ (‘▽ `;) ゝ Uhehe There are a lot of smiles today Gamba ♡♡ Good day today ♫

Suma is a marriage reputation page the ring wearing is Taipiーa friend was told I like the hoof of a horse … ( ‘-ω- `) here if Suma marriage reputation ring tori in anyway Shinjuku because Maihama in restricted I finished training Go to.

mikagenoya Please buy a ring that disappears when you wear it at a convenience store! Good night… or this is a sleep story, so I’m already sleeping…