Tenipuri/Reborn/Black bass/Magi/Inaire/Voice actor/Bo


Nico Nico” “Anime, Lady who likes voice actors, husband”…etc For the time being, those who seem to be in a good taste will follow me! Professional information at a nursery school . Even if you are the same person, please do not use the early spring type because the tide or the tide can remain the same. Communication high school to know Sho-chan ~ ~, Shimono Mr. ~ ~, I wish I love, I’m love under Kaji combination ~ ~, song pre-cast is just like a voice actor, is a very wonderful Ha.New voice work I don’t seem to receive it. Even if Super Robot appears, there is no new work. I’m a voice actor or my sister loves it ☆ I know the voice actor to some extent (lol) so I promised to go to the DGS movie version 2 together \(^o^)/, Hiroshi Kamiya It’s an archangel! I’m no longer a human, I’m just an angel! I don’t even know 10 voice actors in the first place Yushan_will Four voice actors who are the main characters are all active.